beris long Pelham with eggbutt single jointed mouthpiece


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Jointed bits exert more pressure on the lower jaw and the sides of the tongue. A single joint in the bit restricts the blood flow less than does a bit with a double joint. Our single jointed eggbutt bit is made from a medium flexible plastic compound.To moderate the pressure on the jaw, it has a particularly flexible zone at sides of the mouthpiece. The shape and angulation of the joint enable it to lie evenly on the tongue so that the blood flow remains almost unrestricted. The Pelham”- a classic bit, now in our more elegant and enhanced design. When the reins are applied, the bit acts on the mouth, lower jaw and poll. Depending on lever length of the shanks (5 cm or 7.5 cm), a different strength and direct bit angulation in the mouth is achievable. Used on horses that have difficulties coming through at the poll, “hot” horses, or on horses that need significant input in critical situations (such as jump offs or similar).

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135 mm, 145 mm, 125 mm